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Sunwell£¨Jiangsu£©Carbon Fiber Composite Co., Ltd is a joint venture, high technical company which is invested by Swancor IND Co. Ltd & Formosa Group that combined mutual expertise to build in 2015 to produce carbon fiber composite materials and other special carbon fiber materials. It occupies 53 acres where equipped with composite line such like Prepreg line, Compression molding line, Pultrusion line to produce various composite products to support diversified technical fabrication demanding from customers.


Swancor IND Co. Ltd is a professional composite materials supplier, which is the subsidiary of Swancor Holding Co., LTD.---the listed IPO in Taiwan. Since its establsiment, Swancor is dedicated to development of high performance resin and respectively built factory in city Nantou,Taiwan, Shanghai, Tianjin and Jiangsu where service the market locally. The products are sold to more than 30 countries worldwide,including environmental protection corrosion resistance material, wind power blade material and light weight composite material. And Formosa Group is the 4th biggest carbon fiber maker in the world, with complete producing lines from basic T300 to T800, and also has high module & 48K large-tow carbon fiber. Sunwell£¨Jiangsu£©Carbon Fiber Composite Co., Ltd is an exceptionally gifted company that  combines the expertise and resources from two firms to build a excellent foundation to develop carbon fiber composite products¡£


Sunwell£¨Jiangsu£©Carbon Fiber Composite Co., Ltd has been targeted as total solution provider in carbon fiber composite since established initially. To do its best to offer customers the solution from raw materials to product design. We have a professional and excellent research team, involving in resin development, impregnation technology, structure design, fabrication design, product inspection etc. to provide customers the whole set of fabrication technique¡£


With its splendid property, carbon fiber composite materials have been a vital, necessary material in the industrial development for the future especially for automotives, railway vehicle, wind energy¡­etc. , and Sunwell£¨Jiangsu£©Carbon Fiber Composite Co., Ltd is stepping into a new phase of our new materials development¡£